Diesel Lubricity+ 300ML

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Product Description

NF Diesel Lubricity+ increases the lubrication properties of diesel. Diesel fuel pumps and injectors rely on the diesel to lubricate them.

Lower sulphur diesel tends to have less lubricity and therefore does not provide the same lubrication. NF Diesel Lubricity+ will significantly increase the lubricity of the diesel to help extend fuel pump and injector life.

Product Highlights

  • Lubricates diesel pumps and injectors
  • Prevents wear and potential seizing of moving parts in diesel injection systems
  • Helps engines run smoother and quieter
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Compatible with all grades of diesel
  • 1 bottle treats 600 litres of diesel (1ml NF per 2 litres of diesel)
  • Non-Flammable


Add 1ml NF Diesel Lubricity+ per 2 litres of diesel to fuel tank prior to filling to aid mixing.

Each bottle of NF teats 600 litres of fuel.

For best results use NF Diesel Lubricity+ in every tank.

Example Dosages
  • 10ml NF: 20 Litres Diesel
  • 20ml NF: 40 Litres Diesel
  • 50ml NF: 100 Litres Diesel

Shake well before use.


Keep out of reach of children. Read handling instructions before use.

Will not harm catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. If spilled on paint, wipe away immediately as damages may occur.