Petrol Injector Cleaner 200ML

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Product Highlights

  • Restores acceleration & performance
  • Helps reduce hesitations
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  • Non-Flammable
  • Treats up to 100 litres

High strength complete fuel system cleaner - Restores fuel economy, performance and acceleration


Simply add NF to fuel tank prior to filling to aid mixing.

NF Petrol Injector Cleaner is specially formulated with concentrated detergents to clean and help dissolve gum and varnish deposits in the entire fuel system including fouled fuel injectors.

NF also aids in the removal of harmful carbon build up in the combustions chamber.

NF Petrol Injector Cleaner will also help eliminate hard starting, rough idle and engine stalling problems.

Petrol 3 in 1 is recommended for use at least every 10 tanks. Continuous use will maintain a clean fuel system, optimum fuel economy and engine power.

Treatment Rate: 1 bottle to 100 litres petrol (2ml/litre)

Shake well before use.


Keep out of reach of children. Read handling instructions before use.